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Reservation Status
I need to correct my registration information.
  Click the "My Account" link at the top right hand side of our site. From there you will be able to change your Personal information.
Why are your confirmation emails confusing?
  We're putting that right out there on the table. It's true, our confirmation emails are confusing and unfortunately it's directly related to the limited amount of customization that's possible with our hosting provider. Have you heard the phrase, "Fit a square peg in a round hole"? That's this. We're using their standard confirmation emails that were designed for stores that are shipping physical products and using them to give you updates - sorry. So the basic explanation:

Subject "Confirmation Email" - This is the first email you receive after registering for a trip whether there was a seat available OR even if it was on wait list. This email will also serve as your ticket IF you get a confirmed seat (for those that registered on the waiting list). You will want to save this email.

Subject "Your order has shipped" - Ridiculous since we're not actually shipping anything we know. This is the second email you receive which confirms we have charged your credit card and you have a confirmed seat on the bus. If you registered for a trip with open seats then you should receive this within a day or two of submission. If you were on a waiting list, it depends on when or if that bus confirms. If you never come off the waiting list your card will not be charged and you will not receive this second email.
Has my seat confirmed?
  Click the "My Account" link at the top right hand side of our site and then "Review Orders" to check your seat status. If the Status shows "Shipped" then you have a confirmed seat, your card has been charged and you should have received a confirmation email.

When you sign-up for a trip on the CollegeTransit website you will immediately receive a registration verification email. This confirms the specific trip, billing information, etc.

If there were seats available when you placed your order you will also receive a seat confirmation email a short while later.
If the trip you were registering for was sold out, your registration signed you up for the trip's Waiting List. When checking your seat status under Review Orders, you will see this appear as "Processing".
How do I cancel my registration for a trip Waiting List?
  If you registered for a trip's waiting list and have not had your reservation confirmed, you can cancel your spot. To do so, REPLY to the "Confirmation Email" you first received that shows your order information. So long as we receive that before we confirm your seat and charge your credit card you will be removed from the list. However should you want to get on the list again, you will have to re-register. Please note that once a seat has confirmed your credit card charged cancellations are no longer accepted.
When do I receive my confirmation emails?
  After receiving your Registration Verification email, if seats were available when registering you will also receive a Seat Confirmation email a short while later.
If the trip you were registering for was sold out (Noted as Waiting List on the trip page, your registration signed you up for the trip's Waiting List. When and if a seat becomes available, your credit card will be charged and the Seat Confirmation email sent to you automatically.
I haven't received any confirmation emails.
  The first thing you will want to check is your spam folder. If you do not see the emails there, log into the website and click the "My Account" link at the top right hand side of our site. Once logging in you will be able to verify your contact information as well as the status of your reservation.
If you are unable to login then contact us at so we can verify you successfully submitted your initial registration.
If your credit card has been charged and you have not received any confirmation emails, contact us at immediately.
Are tickets transferable?
  No, tickets are not transferable between trips or from one person to another.
I'm on a Waiting List, when will my seat confirm?
  Trips that are sold out (Wait Listed) are difficult to predict as future seat availability is based on student demand. If enough students register for a trip's Waiting List we will order an additional bus from the bus providers and open up seats (confirming orders). The more time that exists before a trip the more likely this is to happen. As soon as we reach a minimum number of required registrations we will automatically confirm seat reservations, charge credit cards and issue Seat Confirmation emails.

We as a result always encourage students to make sure their classmates are aware of our travel option so we can serve as many students as possible.