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New Locations & Trips
Do you ever change the schedule?
  CollegeTransit makes every effort to maintain posted schedules. However if situations necessitate a change, such as inclement weather, and the travel conditions become unsafe we will work with the bus company to modify the schedule as needed.
What locations are served today?
  Please visit our locations page from the navigation menu to see both campuses and destinations along with their corresponding Google map to help provide directions.
Who owns and operates the bus?
  CollegeTransit does not own or operate any of the vehicles, we serve as a travel agent. Currently the bus company, Chariots for Hire, is the charter bus service used today. They are one of the major charter bus companies in VA and are regularly inspected by FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). We encourage potential customers to research Chariots for Hire using the FMCSA website or other federal safety websites.
Can you make additional stops along the route?
  Our drop-off locations are strategically selected to be centrally located and easily accessible to the greatest number of students possible along major highways. Each year we analyze the demographics of the new student class to determine if any changes or additions need to be made.

We do not make "special drop-offs" along the way. We are sorry if we happen to be driving right past your house.

Will you be expanding to new college campuses?
  Expansion to new college campuses is always a possibility provided there is a need we can meet. If we do not feel we can offer value to the students and their families then we will not expand to a given location. If we feel we can make life easier for those families then we will try to work with the school, its Parent/Student Relations Office and any other student body organizations to determine if there is a "good fit".
Are there additional trips being scheduled?
  CollegeTransit's standard trips are centered around student holidays when dorms close. Those tend to be Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. While we would love to increase the number of trips offered per year, the distances being traveled make it hard to justify that much travel time for such short vacations.