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"We love using CollegeTransit from Virginia Tech to return home to NJ. I am happy to have my sleep deprived student on a big comfy bus, mostly sleeping, and not being frustrated by the traffic jams on 81! Pick up in PA or NJ is easy!" - Virginia Tech parent from Central New Jersey

Founded in 1992 by a Virginia college student needing to get home to New York for Thanksgiving, CollegeTransit has served thousands of students to meet your needs.

Our premium service allows you to travel directly from the Virginia Tech campus to one of a number of strategic drop-off points. Feel free to bring a movie to help pass the time. We leave it to the students to decide what movies to bring and watch.

VT Parking
We will pick Virginia Tech students up directly from campus in the Stadium Parking Lot. The bus will park at the sidewalk on the south side of Lane Stadium facing Southgate Drive (between Beamer Way and Sterrett Drive). Students should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow time to check-in and find a seat.

CollegeTransit versus the alternatives:

  • CollegeTransit prices from 2015
  • Driving time - 2 round-trips from home to school for picking up students at start and end of break. It does not include the time spent overnight.
  • Driving cost - Person picking up student stays one night at hotel each time
  • Flying time - Round trip travel time including 2 hour early arrival requirement plus transfer time to/from ROA and stated layovers
  • Costs - Fuel, hotel, airline costs and MPG based on April 2016 averages