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Day of Travel
Are there assigned seats or buses?

Depending on the trip, CollegeTransit may elect to assign students to specific buses based upon their origination/destination. This could even mean students change the bus they are on during travel. For example: The bus departing Virginia Tech may have as its final destination Allentown, PA. Students from VT going to NJ or NY would then need to switch to the other buses going to their respective destinations. These decisions will be communicated to all passengers in the days leading up to the trip when you receive your reminder emails which will include instructions on what to look for on the day of travel.

CollegeTransit does not have assigned seats.

Do I receive an actual ticket to board?

Starting in the Fall of 2016 CollegeTransit will begin using QR Code "Boarding Passes". All passengers will receive an email a few days before travel with their unique QR Code for that specific day of travel and for that specific passenger. Students can either print the email or use their smartphone (enlarging the image) to board the bus. Drivers will use their smartphone to scan the QR code when entering the bus.
Please note the scan will only work once.

How do I become a bus leader?
  If you are interested in being a student bus leader, please contact us at to let us know and please include:
A) Your college
B) Your Home destination
C) Your expected graduation year

We will reach out to you based on the number of students currently acting in the leadership role and based on future needs.
How many bags am I allowed to bring?

Students must limit themselves to one carry-on plus either 1 large suitcase OR 2 medium suitcases that are placed underneath the bus.

How will you let us know about any delays in arrival?
  With any road trip, especially around the holidays, there is the potential for delays due to weather, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances. When issues are identified, CollegeTransit will send updates via Twitter and Facebook so those families following can get immediate updates. We also will ask our onboard student bus leader to make announcements if needed.
I left something on the bus, what do I do?

Contact us immediately. Always check to make sure you have everything with you before getting off the bus. At the final destination the bus leader and driver do a sweep of the vehicle to check for any lost items. Usually this means the item will be taken back to the bus company's facility where you will have to make arrangements (and pay for shipping) of the item to retrieve it.

I won’t be taking one leg of the trip, what should I do?
  Unlike the airlines, if you don't take the bus in one direction you don't forfeit the other half of your ticket. We do ask if you know you won't be on the bus for some reason that you contact us before the day of travel letting us know so we aren't trying to reach you before departing that day.
Tell me more about the bus itself. How many seats does it have? What about a bathroom?

We work with charter bus companies that provide large luxury motor coaches for use on our trips. They typically seat 57 passengers, have an on-board bathroom and monitors with a DVD player. And while students can bring a DVD to watch on the bus, most students use their phones, tablets or laptops during the trip.

What if I have class scheduled on the day of travel?

There is a strong possibility you will have classes scheduled during our departure day. While we would like to avoid missing classes, due to the distance we're traveling it is unavoidable. We therefore strongly recommend that as soon as you know you will use CollegeTransit - you immediately talk to your professor. Tell them you are from out of state and this is your only option to get home, then ask to make-up the class. The earlier you do this the better and your Professor will appreciate it. Never wait until the week of departure or simply skip class.

When do I need to arrive for the bus?

Arrive at your departure location at least 20 minutes prior to departure. The bus will depart as scheduled and will not wait for those who are not present.