CollegeTransit LTD
Your college transportation specialists

CollegeTransit is a privately held family business whose purpose is to make the college experience an easier one for the students and parents. In business for over twenty-five years, CollegeTransit has been providing quality transportation services to thousands of students and parents on the East Coast. Now we have decided to expand our services to new colleges and destinations.

CollegeTransit is always interested in ways we can improve our service and encourage feedback on your experience. Our business is based on the families we serve so it is imperative that we strive to meet your needs.

Amy Sfaelos
President, CollegeTransit Ltd.
Ashburn, VA

A message from our Founder

Thank you for your interest in CollegeTransit. Years ago, while attending James Madison University, my parents and I were trying to find a convenient and inexpensive way for me to travel from school in Virginia to home on Long Island for the holidays. I didn't have a car or the money to spend on plane tickets, so it became necessary for me to find a way to get home for the holidays.

Sitting in my dorm room (in Eagle Hall) I began contacting charter bus companies. My roommate Craig and I put up flyers around campus and soon had enough interest to charter two buses for 96 students traveling to the NY/NJ/CT area for Thanksgiving. In the years that followed, we witnessed an increase in new and return travelers, as well as new trips and destinations. Even many of the upper class men who had cars preferred to take the bus, as it became a fun way to go home for the holidays - surrounded by friends. Our service also earned the respect and appreciation of both the parents and the administration.

CollegeTransit continues to expand the number of trips, schools and destinations we offer, providing the same reliable and convenient service we pride ourselves on. CollegeTransit understands the needs of the students as we were patrons of our own service. We will work diligently in enhancing both the student and parent experience to make the trip more enjoyable and are always open to suggestions for improvement.

Thank you again for your interest in CollegeTransit, and may you have a successful college career.

Jason Sfaelos