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Winter Break 2018 - COMPLETE

The Winter Break bus will depart directly from the VT campus after the last final is scheduled to be completed and drop off students at specific destinations in PA and NJ (please visit our
locations page for specific details). Students from NJ will have the opportunity to get off the bus and get food (Wendy's or Taco Bell) at the Allentown location before continuing on to their destination. We will make a similar lunch stop on the return trip. *Please note Long Island students should use the Vince Lombardi destination as the bus will not go to Huntington.

Winter Break Bus 2018 Schedule: Complete

Friday, December 14th, 2018
11:00 AM - Depart VT Campus
02:00 PM - Depart JMU Campus (if needed)
06:30 PM - Arrive Allentown Stop - Dinner Break
08:30 PM - Drop-off Morris Plains, NJ
09:00 PM - Drop-off Vince Lombardi, NJ (Long Island students should be picked up from this stop)

Sunday, January 20th, 2019 - Now departing on Saturday the 19th due to incoming storm
08:00 AM - Depart Vince Lombardi, NJ
08:45 AM - Depart Morris Plains, NJ
10:00 AM - Depart Allentown, PA
01:00 PM - Lunch Break (Martinsburg, WV)
05:00 PM - Arrive VT Campus