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Long Island, specifically Huntington, can be considered the focal point for CollegeTransit's existence. When service began in 1992, its primary goal was to get students from Long Island home. It was only after students from the island were registering that students from NJ began asking about a stop in their state. The specific location we use to drop off and pick up students is the Huntington Park & Ride lot which is located on the North Service Rd just east of Route 110. Please note this is only a parking lot, without any structures so we advise families picking up students to arrive ahead of schedule so your student isn't waiting. If you arrive too early, you can always grab coffee or food at the Sweet Hollow Diner right around the corner.

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Huntington Rest Area

Huntington Map

Exit 49N off LIE
Across from
395 N Service Rd
Melville, NY 1174