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Allentown may not have been an active location when CollegeTransit first started service in 1992, but by 1994 it became an important stop for students. Not only is it located directly along our route (I-78) that a multitude of families call home, but it also is one of the more convenient and safe locations to use as a stop for food. This destination serves students primarily from Central and Eastern PA, along with an occasional Western NJ or Update NY family. When booking your trip make sure you are selecting the trip with your correct Campus & Destination locations!

Maps shown through online maps are to be used ONLY as an approximation, and not as the exact address. Please consult with local maps for specific directions.

South Mall Parking lot between Wendy's & Taco Bell

Allentown3390 Lehigh St
Allentown, PA 1810

The bus uses this location as a rest stop in both directions.